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How To Make Your Vacation More Enjoyable

By John Harman IN Blog Posts

Mar 20, 2018

Vacations are a great way to take a break from reality and relax in a beautiful location. It is always fun going on vacation in unique and different places that allows us to experience different cultures. For those who are busy with their daily lives.. Read More

Necessary Equipment For Scuba Diving

By John Harman IN Blog Posts

Feb 19, 2018

Like many hobbies, scuba diving requires special equipment and gear. Also like most hobbies, this gear can often be rented rather than purchased, but eventually, after doing these hobbies for a long period of time, most people decide they need their .. Read More

Bora Bora: The Perfect Winter Getaway

By John Harman IN Blog Posts

Jan 22, 2018

With an intense winter spreading across the United States, many citizens are probably dreaming of a warm tropical vacation. There are many beautiful tropical destinations to visit, with unique sightseeing, special tourist attractions, and sandy beach.. Read More

The Best Cave Diving Locations

By John Harman IN Blog Posts

Dec 22, 2017

Scuba diving is an extreme sport. Perhaps it is not as intense as others like hang gliding, ice climbing, or downhill mountain biking, but it is a sport that offers many different challenges. Scuba diving is a great way to learn more about the world .. Read More

What You Need To Know About Coral Reefs

By John Harman IN Blog Posts

Nov 15, 2017

As you already know, the ocean is a mysterious and interesting place, with creatures, species, and organisms calling the water home. Coral is one of those organisms. In fact, coral is a living thing, not just colorful sea plants as many people may be.. Read More

The Best Warm Water Diving Locations

By John Harman IN Blog Posts

Oct 16, 2017

With winter quickly approaching, now if the time to plan your scuba diving vacation. While scuba diving in winter may not seem like that go-to vacation destination, there are many warm water diving areas around the world that will make the perfect es.. Read More

Best Places To Scuba Dive

By John Harman IN Blog Posts

Sep 15, 2017

There are many beautiful places on our planet, from the Swiss Alps to the rainforests of South America, and we can explore a large number of these places. But there are a few amazing and gorgeous places that are not as easy to get to and may not be a.. Read More

Fun Facts About Octopuses

By John Harman IN Blog Posts

Sep 05, 2017

The ocean is home to many creatures—some that we know about and others that we don’t. Everything from a blue whale that can grow up to 90 plus feet long to a the smallest shark, measuring at less than eight inches, all live in the ocean, .. Read More

Famous Shipwrecks

By John Harman IN Blog Posts

Jul 17, 2017

The ocean is a unique and mysterious place. Full of different creatures, coral reefs, and colorful scenery, the ocean is a spectacular sight. But what is even more amazing and mysterious is the stuff that is out of place in the ocean. There have been.. Read More

Fun Facts About The Ocean And Scuba Diving

By John Harman IN Blog Posts

Jun 22, 2017

Scuba diving is a technical activity. A lot of training, learning, and practicing is involved when trying to get certified or even when taking a Scuba Try It course. But even with so much information to learn, safety precautions to be aware of, and e.. Read More

1-10 of over 13 results