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This kind of a trip was a first for me. I have always wanted to take a diving trip, but let other travel opportunities distract me. After taking this trip with Atlantic Edge, I can truly say that I shouldn't have waited so long. This trip was amazing. As I reflect on the week in Little Cayman, I find myself still smiling about the entire week. From the diving, resort, room accommodations, food, staff service, the iguanas running around, and all the new people that I met and had the opportunity to dive with made for an incredible time. This trip was very well organized by Terry and Debra. From the initial trip deposit to the final goodbye as we all went our separate ways, Terry and Debra kept everything moving smoothly. Plus, on this trip, (Terry and Debra's vacation), I put them to work. With Terry and Debra's instruction, I was able to successfully complete my AOW certification. In addition to personal items that they had to pack, they also packed additional items needed for me to perform the various AOW dives. Debra's work with the swag bags was also a nice touch. Especially the way the bag glows in the dark. I really appreciate Terry and Debra's hard work, leadership and attention to everything. In addition to the resort dive masters, Terry and Debra kept a watchful eye out while we were underwater. This made for an even more relaxing safe dive trip. If you are considering a trip like this, do yourself a favor and do it. Especially with Atlantic Edge. Especially if Terry and Debra are leading. What a great time! I'm looking forward to the next one! Thank you Terry and Debra, David

By David N for Little Cayman on May 20, 2024


This was my second time travelling to Little Caymen with Atlantic Edge- the first time in May of 2023 and the second time in May of 2024. Both trips were absolutely fantastic. The diving was great with lots to see on every dive. The group of divers was great and the two trip leaders (Terry & Debbie) were absolutely fantastic, very helpful and a delight to dive with. All in all, these two trips were the best "dive shop run" dive trips I have ever been on.

By Steven W for Little Cayman on May 20, 2024


My trip to Little Cayman with Atlantic Edge Scuba was fantastic! The trip leaders, Terry and Debbie, were the best! They planned every last detail so that our group could relax, dive and just have fun! Terry and Debbie are extremely qualified dive instructors who have organized many scuba trips and their experience shows. They think of everything! They are so enthusiastic about diving and teaching others this incredible sport. I was impressed with their accessibility and eagerness to explain, teach, and demonstrate scuba diving skills to anyone who had a question or concern. They are pros, and it made me feel relaxed and comfortable that they were always looking out for their divers. Terry and Debbie are also fun, smart and entertaining. They have a talent for bringing people together. Whether it was for a group dinner or other social activity, Terry and Debbie provided great conversation and a lot of laughs. If you are considering a scuba trip, check out Atlantic Edge Scuba. They offer a variety of adventures with experienced, capable, fun trip leaders. You won't be disappointed!

By Myra W for Little Cayman on May 17, 2024


This is my third trip with Atlantic Edge and all of them have been fantastic. If Terry and Debbie are organizing the trip, I'm in. They keep you well informed and you know what to expect for the trip. Once there, they are positive, fun and work to make sure all have a good time. They are a wealth of knowledge, and their love of diving is shared and infectious. Little Cayman Beach Resort is always a pleasure and Reef Divers make diving a great experience.

By LORALIN C for Little Cayman on May 14, 2024

This is my 4th trip with Atlantic Edge, & I've come to learn that there are great trips in general, & there are great DIVE trips, & the AE trip to Bonaire is a fantastic example of both! With so many options for where & when to dive, Deb & Terry put a huge amount of effort into herding all 24 of us cats on the trip, & from my perspective it absolutely paid off. Bonaire & Buddy Dive Resort are a great place that caters to the needs of whatever a diver might want to do, whether that's getting up early to step into the water right onsite, or taking your rental truck to any of dozens of sites around the island at any other time of your choosing, the only things limiting you are your motivation & N2 limits. Fair warning though: some of the shore entries can be a bit challenging, so you'll want to be fit enough to carry your gear over some rough rocks through moderate surf to get in & out. However, once you are in, the conditions are excellent: warm, good visibility, gentle currents, & lots to see! If you need a break from diving, you could venture into town for an assortment of other distractions, but the food & hospitality at Buddy Dive was plenty to keep me happy with lively evenings eating & drinking with my fellow travelers. It may sound corny, but every time I travel with AE, I reunite with familiar faces & make new friends, & I will definitely be signing up for more.

By Mark F for Scuba Dive in Bonaire on Dec 18, 2023

This was a really great trip. Terry Wells and Debbie Goldstein did a great job organizing and getting all of our divers out every day. The only downside was for those who traveled on American and got stranded for an extra night in Bonaire due to mechanical difficulties with the plane.

By Stephen S for Scuba Dive in Bonaire on Dec 18, 2023

We had a great time - wonderful people, delicious food, & nice accommodations. Atlantic Edge Staff put in a lot of work planning so everything went smoothly, & our guides from Arctic Adventures took great care of us once we got there. Although the weather cancelled our ocean dives, AA went the extra mile to ensure the rest of our visit to Iceland exceeded expectations - waterfalls, geysers, hot springs, glaciers, lava tunnels, the Northern Lights, diving the Silfra Fissure, & more were all accompanied by informative, entertaining, & humorous commentary as we toured the southwestern regions of the country. Each night, the Grandi hotel in Reykjavik served as our home base to explore the city & find uncountable places for delicious food of all types, with plenty more attractions of its own. This trip provided a unique experience for divers & an equally enjoyable time for the non-divers in our group. I would definitely do it again in a heartbeat.

By Mark F for Iceland Scuba Adventure and Island Tour - Private Tours for our Group! on Oct 09, 2023

Fantastic trip! Tour operators (Arctic Adventures) were superb and the tour leader was top notch!

By Jennifer C for Iceland Scuba Adventure and Island Tour - Private Tours for our Group! on Sep 14, 2023


You can just dive in iceland, you must also hike on a glacier, walk through waterfalls, tour a lava tunnel and relax in a geothermal lagoon. What an amazing trip that gave me more than I bargained for. Thank you Atlantic Edge for organizing this trip and working with Arctic Adventures! I will be returning to iceland in the future!

By David A for Iceland Scuba Adventure and Island Tour - Private Tours for our Group! on Sep 10, 2023

This trip to Iceland was the best. Everything was arranged to perfection. The individuals in the group arrived on various flights out of BWI or IAD. Some reached a day or so earlier. Airport to hotel transfers were a breeze. Atlantic Edge staff managed the group very well. Many days prior to the trip she sent us information on what to pack, what to wear under the dry suit, and general information on Iceland. There were 16 of us and we gelled really well. The company chosen by Atlantic Edge Scuba, Arctic Adventures Iceland, was an excellent outfit. I look forward to doing more trips with Atlantic Scuba.

By Udayan S for Iceland Scuba Adventure and Island Tour - Private Tours for our Group! on Sep 07, 2023


This wasn't your average Tropical Seas/Beachy Lounging/Coral Reefs kind of dive trip. This was In Your Face Iceland trekking, and it was AWESOME. Hurricane Idalia's last gasps hit Reykjavik the night we arrived: gale force winds; crashing waves; riptides. We didn't do the planned ocean dive in drysuits, and I am glad. I wasn't ready. Our team leader, did a spectacular partnership with Arctic Adventures in Reykjavik, which kept us safe and happily exhausted. We dove Silfra Fissure, the weather calm and bright, and it was worth my 11 year wait for the dive. Ciara did us more than proud. She was our communication hub, our buffer, and our expedition leader. I'm excited and proud to have been on this trip.

By Nancy D for Iceland Scuba Adventure and Island Tour - Private Tours for our Group! on Sep 07, 2023

 I absolutely loved my trip with Atlantic Edge! The dive instructor and trip staff were so attentive, knowledgeable and made the experience so great along with the other participants! She managed the entire group seamlessly and catered to everyone's needs. It was my first-time diving and I felt so comfortable, and self-assured the entire time. Will definitely be open water diving and traveling with them again!

By Nathalia M for Belize Scuba Adventure on Aug 07, 2023


This trip was a bit different than any other diving trip I've taken over the last 30 years b/c I wouldn't be doing it with my husband, aka my life-long dive buddy. Admittedly, I was a bit nervous but quickly realized I had nothing to worry about. Why? Because Atlantic Edge Staff had already strategized and worked out every. single. detail. I wanted to dive the Blue Hole, requiring Advanced Water certification and they were on it. I got through the online coursework before traveling to San Pedro, and she seamlessly helped me knock out each underwater requirement throughout the week of varied locations. I never missed out on doing what the other divers were doing and the Blue Hole was better than I could've imagined! I also wanted to get Nitrox-certified. Again, they knew when to implement that into which dives when appropriate. They made it all so easy! They brought a lot of enthusiasm, curiosity and BIG SHARK ENERGY to our dives! They have done this before and it shows. I'm so thrilled with my experience diving with Atlantic Edge. I can't wait until I can take part in another fantastic adventure! Thank you Atlantic Edge!

By Evelyn P for Belize Scuba Adventure on Aug 07, 2023