Sorry you can't join us this time around for your Learn To Scuba Course. But we look forward to you joining us in the future.

There is an administrative Fee of 25% of Course Price for rescheduling your course for any reason, up until the EOB the Tuesday prior to your course. There is no reschedule after the end of business on Tuesday prior to the course.

We are sorry but we have staff scheduled, trucks packed, pools and space reserved for you to attend the course. Not to mention we only book small groups and one space not filled does incure expenses.

Options for Rescheduleing:

1. You can reschedule in to a current class that has space avaialble on our website. 

2. If your not sure of what date works for you now. You can reschedule into a gift certificate that can be used in the future. 

Here's how to reschedule.

Email with the following information:

1. Student Name

2. Date of course and Location you are rescheduling out of

3. Date of course you would like to be rescheduled into, or if you want a gift certificate to use for the course in the future.
Reschedule My Course

4. Include Credit card information or feel free to give us a call for payment of cancellation fee. 301-519-9283