How To Make Your Vacation More Enjoyable

John Harman   Mar 20, 2018

Vacations are a great way to take a break from reality and relax in a beautiful location. It is always fun going on vacation in unique and different places that allows us to experience different cultures. For those who are busy with their daily lives, work, and kids, it can be hard to get take a break and relax. That is why vacations are so important!

Taking an annual vacation can help you to recharge and unwind while also gaining new experiences and seeing different places. Unfortunately, it can be hard to completely relax and enjoy a vacation. If you are planning too much and trying to do a little bit of everything on your vacation, it can become overwhelming and stressful. But if you plan nothing and just relax the entire time you may regret it later on. Planning the perfect vacation can be hard — of course you want to go sightseeing and do everything the vacation destination has to offer, but you may also want to sit on the beach and read all day long.

Tropical vacation are a popular choice, all year round. They can allow you to take a break for the cold winters and get the most out of summers. Tropical vacations are great for relaxing thanks to their gorgeous, white sand beaches and cool ocean breeze. It can be easy to find yourself spending every day of your trip laying on the beach with some music, your favorite book, and a pair of sunglasses. But tropical destinations also have a lot to offer in terms of activities, sightseeing locations, tours, and so much more!

We know it is hard to decide between relaxing all day and exploring a beautiful and tropical island, but if you plan it right, you can enjoy both aspects of your vacation! In this blog, we are going to give you tips on how to plan the perfect vacation, as well as how to enjoy your vacation more. Read on for some vacay tips that can help you plan the ultimate tropical getaway.


After selecting your destination, picking your vacation time, and booking your hotel room, you can start planning your activities during your vacation. We all know that person who has to plan out every hour of their vacation. And while they might experience more than anyone whenever they go on vacation, they have no time to relax and no time to take a step back and truly enjoy their vacation. But there are also those people who will spend every minute of their vacation sitting by the beach, swimming in the pool, and relaxing. These are the people who miss out on so many fun activities and don’t explore these beautiful destinations. It is easy to over and under plan, but we want to help make sure that doesn’t happen.

Remember to Relax

Depending on how long you are going to be on vacation, think about how many days you want to relax and how many days you want to explore. It is always a good idea to take the first day to relax or casually explore the island with no plans in place. You don’t want to have to worry about getting up that first morning and heading straight for some activity. Spend the time walking around, doing your own sightseeing, and relaxing. This will help you get in the vacation mood.

Do Research

You will want to do some research on the things you want to do on your vacation. See what they have to offer and plan a few things that seem fun. You can talk these ideas over with your travel group to see what everyone seems up for and plan the rest from there. If the tropical destination you are vacationing to is known for their scuba diving, it might be a good idea to fit that activity into your trip plans. Start by getting certified through Atlantic Edge Scuba! Scuba diving is actually a great way to spend a tropical vacation, and being certified will be beneficial everywhere you go!

Or you can play it by ear and during your first day while walking around, see if anything catches your eye. Is there a tour you want to try? Do they offer zip lining through the jungle? This is another great way to get some ideas and see what you really want to do, but it may stress out those who need to plan.

Make A Schedule

One great way to plan your vacation is to switch off days. Spend one day relaxing and the next day on a tour or doing a fun activity, followed by a relaxing day after that. This will keep you from overplanning but also help you plan for a few things.

Enjoying Your Vacation

Now that you, hopefully, have the planning down, we are going to give you some tips to help you enjoy your vacation more.


Don’t spend your entire vacation on your phone. Obviously you will want to take pictures of your vacation and the people you are with, but you don’t need to take 30 of the same picture or endless pictures of the beach. Remember, people make pictures more interesting. Don’t spend time updating your Facebook or adding your new pictures to Instagram. Use your phone to take pictures and then put it away! You want to experience this vacation, your social media friends don’t have to.

Try New Things

Be bold and try new things on your vacation, whether it is trying new food or dancing with the locals. Remember, you will likely never see any of these people again or have to opportunity to try some of the things this vacation will offer. So, put yourself out there, dance how the music makes you feel, and try something new!

Ignore Work

While you are on vacation, your brain should be too. Don’t waste time thinking about work, projects, or other home issues. Push it out of your mind and enjoy what is right there in front of you. In other words, be present. You can focus on your work once you return.

End With Something Good

According to Fast Company, ending with a bang is the best way to remember the best parts of your vacation. It is called the “recency effect” and it shows that our brains are likely to remember the last thing in a series better. So, saving an exciting or big event for the last day is a great way to remember your vacation and the fun things you have. Save your scuba diving trip or that fancy dinner for the last day.

These are a few of the many ways to make your vacation more enjoyable, more memorable, and better planned out. If you are heading on a tropical vacation soon, be sure to use these tips! And if you decide to go scuba diving, be sure to get certified with Atlantic Edge Scuba in Gaithersburg. Contact us today to learn more!