The Best Cave Diving Locations

John Harman   Dec 22, 2017

Scuba diving is an extreme sport. Perhaps it is not as intense as others like hang gliding, ice climbing, or downhill mountain biking, but it is a sport that offers many different challenges. Scuba diving is a great way to learn more about the world around you, spend time in a completely unique environment, and experience new and interesting things.

For those who may think that scuba diving is boring or the same all over the world, you have clearly not been scuba diving all over the world. From shipwrecks to underwater cities and coral reefs to cave, the ocean is a vast place with much to explore. Scuba diving can help you explore all of these places and more, all you have to do is get started!

At Atlantic Edge Scuba, we can help you get scuba certified and diving in these cool locations. We also offer advanced classes that will allow you to expand your explorations and diving experiences. Start by taking our Learn To Scuba Course and become a certified diver. Then our additional courses can get your on the path to more advanced dives! Eventually, you may reach the point of being such a great scuba diver that you can do some cave dives.

Cave diving is completely different than diving in the open ocean, taking this extremely sport to the next level. While cave diving, you are faced with narrow tunnels, complete darkness, and unique obstacles. If you are looking to step up your diving game, or you want to start a new hobby and run with it, cave diving is a great way to add excitement to your life.

What are some of the best cave diving locations? In this blog, we are going to tell you! Keep reading to learn more about the coolest cave diving locations.

The Great Blue Hole

This sinkhole is located in Belize and was formed thousands of years ago. This limestone sinkhole consists of 11 underwater caves all with varying depths and lengths. This is a dream destination for cave divers, giving them room to explore and different caves to dive in day after day! This massive hole is rightfully named the Great Blue Hole, measuring 984 feet across and 407 feet deep. If you are heading to Belize in the near future, be sure to catch a tour boat out to this unique location, even if you don’t plan on doing a cave dive.

The Devil’s Cave System

This dive site is closer to home, located in Florida, it is home to one of the most frequently dived caves in the world. According to Ginnie Springs, where this system is located, only certified cavern or cave divers are allowed to enter these waters, just another reason to become a certified diver and continue to advance! The system offers intricate caverns, canyon-like caves, and crystal clear water. Head to Florida for a diving experience that is one-of-a-kind.

Jacob’s Well

This underwater cave is located in Texas and is a popular swimming hole in the area. What appears to be a hole in the natural springs is actually a cave with four separate chambers. Perfect for cave divers to explore! However, like many other cave diving locations, this one is quite dangerous and has claimed a few lives before. This is why you have to be an advanced diving to take on a cave dive.

The Shaft Sinkhole

This is a unique cave dive experience, more so than some of the others. The sinkhole is located in Mount Gambier in Australia and is one of the most dangerous cave dives in the world. The entrance is a small sinkhole, so small that divers are required to take off their equipment and climb down a ladder, then have their equipment lowered to them. This dark and deep series of caves can be tricky and many divers don’t allow themselves enough oxygen to get back to the surface. If you are an advanced cave diver and looking for your next adventure, this may be it!

The Piccaninnie Ponds

Now that we have scared you with one of the most dangerous dive locations, let’s take a step back a visit a diving spot that is also popular for snorkelers. Piccaninnie Ponds is located in Australia and has three main features: first pond, chasm, and cathedral. This is a unique and fun place for cave divers with excellent visibility and beautiful scenery.

The Raja Ampat Islands

This Indonesian dive site offers more than just good looks! The name Raja Ampat comes from local mythology. Raja Ampat means “Four Kings”, which comes from a story about a woman who found seven eggs. The eggs hatched to become four boys, a girl, a ghost, and a stone. The four boys became kings and went on to occupy four of the biggest islands of Raja Ampat: Waigeo, Salawati, Misool, and Bantata. The story make this place interesting but the scenery and beauty make it a popular dive site.

Orda Cave

This cave, located in Russia, stretches over 5.1km. That may not seem like a long cave, but it is actually one of the longest underwater caves in the world. It also holds the record for being the largest underwater gypsum cave in the world. This cave changed the diving game in Russia, and amazed many people by its great size.

The Blue Hole

Located in Malta, this dive site is a great one for all skill levels. From beginners to advanced divers, anyone can enjoy this beautiful area. There are two underwater caves with great views and nicely lit. What makes this location even more unique is the Azure Window which towers over the Blue Hole. There is a lot of marine life in the Blue Hole, making this dive site amazing for many different reasons.


This unique area doesn’t require you to be an advanced diver to explore. This cave and underground lake is located in Brazil and offers a completely different look than any other cave dive. To get to this location, you have to rappel 72 meters to the cave, where you will find the crystal clear 80 meter deep lake. This is a great place to snorkel or dive, with some of the largest underwater stalagmites in the world. This location is breathtaking and should definitely be added to your list of dive locations.

There are many more cave dives around the world that can be explored by advanced divers, including one in Antarctica. Cave diving is not always the safest hobby, but it will give you experiences and memories that not many other people can relate to. If you are already a diver, or you are looking for a new extreme sport hobby, add cave diving to the list. You will find endless and breathtaking places to explore. Start your journey to becoming a cave diver by getting scuba certified at Atlantic Edge Scuba! Contact us today for more information!