• Invasive Lionfish Tracker

Invasive Lionfish Tracker

Native to the Pacific Ocean, lionfish are progressively invading the north-western Atlantic and the Caribbean, where they have no natural predators. Learn what action is needed to control the lionfish population and, during two scuba dives, learn practical ways to safely and humanely capture and euthanize these fish.

Starting from

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Course Requirements:

  • Must be at least an Open Water Diver
  • Minumum of 15 years old


  • Basic scuba gear, available for rent
  • Surface marker buoy (SMB) with finger spool
  • Zookeeper Lionfish Containment Unit
  • Minimum 3-foot pole spear
  • Gloves *puncture proof preferred*
  • Shears

What You Learn

  • Learn all about the Lionfish! Their behaviors, habitat, and how to be safe!
  • How to safely and humanely capture and euthanize a lionfish
  • Learn about invasive species and protecting natural habitats

For all your learning materials and equipment, contact ATLANTIC EDGE.

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