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ZOMBIE SURVIVOR DIVER COURSE We'll Teach you How To Survive ! You Know It's Coming!

Think you'll be safe in the water - think again!  In this course we'll teach you scuba skills that will keep you alive when the apocalypse is upon us and as a bonus, help find the cure!  You will apply skills learned in previous classes to help us survive this course.  This fun, scenario-based course offers you the chance to improve your skills and enjoy a day of wild adventure in the water… while testing your scuba skills for survival when the a Zombie Apocalypse happens!

As a bonus, this PADI Distinctive Specialty Certification counts towards your Master Scuba Diver rating!  

Divers will earn this Distinctive Specialty certification by completing two, scenario-based dives through a set of unique challenges and obstacles. Divers will test their survival, rescue and navigation skills and even a few that you didn’t even know they had!    


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What You Learn:  This class was designed with zombie enthusiast the diver in mind.  
·        Zombie biology, history and types
·        Real Life Zombies
·        Survival Skills
·        Buoyancy Skills
·        Search and Recovery Skills
·        Navigation (geocaching)
·        How to Navigate an Obstacle Course Underwater
You will complete two open water dives, learning skills that will help you become a better diver and survive the apocalypse. This course is FUN and educational. 
Divers need to attend both the classroom session and the open water dives to earn their certification.
Dress in your best zombie outfit for your dives!
Price: $189
·        PADI C-Card (We'll help Zombify your photo for the certification card!)
·        Tanks and Weights
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