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Scuba Swap

On Saturday, April 27 from 11am-4pm, join us at Atlantic Edge Scubafor our inaugural Scuba Gear Swap, where buyers can get killer deals on used gear and sellers can earn some sweet cash for their otherwise dust-collecting equipment. 


Want to sell something on commission?

Starting on Saturday April 20th, sellers are invited to bring their functional used equipment into Atlantic Edge, where our retail specialists will help you determine an appropriate re-sell price. Accepted gear includes masks, fins, snorkels, mesh bags, boots, big bags, gloves, hoods, wetsuits, lights, regulators, BCD's, computers and guages.  No broken gear, please. 

  • Atlantic Edge will take a 15% commission for any item sold.
  • Individual items must be sold for no lower a price than $25.
  • Equipment drop off only accepted during normal operating hours from April 20-26, no drop offs the morning of the event.

Come See Presentations on Specailty Courses

Throughout the day we will have instructors giving short presentations on specialty courses such as side mount, self reliant, O2 emergency, and more!

Follow the event on facebook for updates on gear that will be offered and presentations.