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The Learn to Scuba Re-take with ATLANTIC EDGE

Welcome back, we're glad you decided to continue learning to scuba dive.  We understand that learning a new sport can be  overwhelming at times.  We appreciate your perserverance and want to let you know that there's no need to stress.

Learning all the skills in one day can be a little daunting.  Sometimes people get nervous and can't complete all the required skills in one day.  That's perfectly fine.  Atlantic Edge Scuba is unique for offering re-take sessions for our Learn to Scuba class.  This is the full 4-5 hour session in the pool.  Same class as your original Learn to Scuba course, so you can take the time to further develop the skills you need.  You may also attend the classroom session again if you either require it, or simply wish for a refresher on the coursework.

This course is offered to students who either were unable to complete all of their skills the first time, or successfully completed the course but want to get in some extra practice.  You may keep performing re-take sessions as long as you like up until you are officially Open Water Diver certified.

Another advantage to our re-takes is the ability to extend a person's referral deadline.  When you receive your PADI Open Water Referral, you have 12 months to complete your training dives.  If things get busy and you notice you're coming up on your deadline, just come back to Atlantic Edge for another Retake.  We can write you up a new referral and give you another 12 month extension. There is an administrative fee of $25 for a new referral. 

When and Where

We can hold Learn to Scuba re-takes anytime we have a Learn to Scuba class happening.  At least 2 regular Learn to Scuba students must be present for us to hold a re-take a the same time.  Times and locations vary. 


A retake course paid for within 60 days over your last Learn to Scuba session is only $25.  If you are looking to pay for a re-take session after 60 days from your Learn to Scuba course, the price goes up to $75. (additional $25 administration fee if you require a new referral to extend your referral date.)


To take our Re-take course, you must have

  • Have fully attended one of our Learn to Scuba pool sessions over the past 12 months


Refresher Paperwork

Learn to Scuba Paperwork Packet