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Necessary Equipment For Scuba Diving

Equipment aestaff COMMENTS 19 Feb, 2018

Like many hobbies, scuba diving requires special equipment and gear. Also like most hobbies, this gear can often be rented rather than purchased, but eventually, after doing these hobbies for a long period of time, most people decide they need their own equipment. At some point, purchasing your own equipment can save you more money than always having to rent it.

But in certain situations, having your own equipment in the beginning can help in different ways. Think about another hobby, like snowboarding. Renting a board may not cause that much of a difference, at least not when you are first learning, but having your own boots can make all the difference, they will form to your feet, and be more comfortable than wearing boots that many others have worn over the years.

Scuba diving can be the same. Some scuba equipment offers benefits when you purchase it right away, rather than renting at first. You can find all the necessary equipment you need and more from Atlantic Edge Scuba. Find everything you need to get started from our online store and sign up for different classes that allow you to learn and advance your scuba skills! Maybe you want to try our advanced open water course or the enriched air diver-nitrox course for some additional challenges! Whatever class you choose, having your own equipment may be the right choice.

In this blog, we are going to go over the scuba equipment that you can benefit from buying right away rather than renting and other equipment you will need!


Having your own mask in scuba diving, is similar to having your own boots in snowboarding. If you can afford a high quality and comfortable scuba diving mask, you may enjoy your diving trips a lot more. ThoughtCo states that having your own comfortable mask could be the difference between a fun and enjoyable dive and a miserable one. Be sure to find a mask the fits your face well and is comfortable. This could drastically change your comfort level while on a dive.


The fins you use may not make a huge difference, but after using different pairs dive after dive, you will begin to notice a difference. Fins can vary a lot. They can vary a lot based on length, style, and stiffness, making each diver feel different. Having your own fins can help ensure that you have good quality fins that you will be used to, dive after dive. If you have unusually small or large feet, getting your own fins is a great idea. It will help you from having to deal with getting kids fins that are too weak or them not having the right size for you. Having your own fins can help you feel more comfortable and confident in the water.

Wetsuit or Drysuit

While you may not need both of these right away, it is always nice having your own wet or drysuit. These keep you dry and warm underwater and while they can be rented, we all are probably more comfortable wearing anything that tight when it is our own. These suits need to fit correctly in order to do their job, so making sure yours fits perfectly can help make your scuba diving experience so much better. A wetsuit if used in warm water diving and a drysuit is used in cold water diving, so depending on which type of dives you will be doing more of, you can base your diving suit purchase off of that.

Dive Computer

A dive computer is a necessary purchase early in your diving career; at least it is if you don’t remember how to use a dive table or calculate your no-decompression limits. These are handy tools and you need your own. Going off of anyone else's dive computer is a big no-no in the diving world. Not every diver has the same underwater profile, meaning your no-decompression limit may be different than a friend or your guide, making it important to have your own dive computer to know what your limit is, how much oxygen you have left, and more.


While scuba divers don’t actually use snorkels on their dives, it is a good idea to have one handy. DIVE.in suggests having your own snorkel for a few reasons. One being if you have a long surface swim, this will allow you to swim easier while being able to breathe but without using air from your tank. They will also allow you to put your head in the water and look down at cool things you may come across even if you are out of air. Snorkels are always good to have and make certain situations easier.

Other Equipment

Now, we will take a look at the rest of the equipment needed on a dive! While all scuba equipment can be rented, the items listed above are better if you purchase them. Since they are all items that should fit properly, it is better to have your own, that way you know they will fit and feel comfortable during the entire dive. The next items listed, can easily be rented. Read on to learn more!


Regulators allow you to breathe underwater. They connect to your tank and bring the air to your mouth every time you inhale. Regulators are expensive which is why many divers choose to rent them, but if you do decide to purchase your own, you can find a regulator that will last you entire dive career with the right care and maintenance.

Buoyancy Compensator

A buoyancy compensator, or BC, helps support the weight of your tank in the water. But it has a more important function. A BC, which is worn like a backpack, allows you to control your position in the water column. The bladder of the BC either fill with air to bring you closer to the surface or release air to drop you lower in the depths. You control this with control buttons. While you may be more comfortable on your dives with your own BC, they are expensive and bulky, which is why many divers choose to rent.


When you dive with a dive shop or a dive boat, tank rentals are usually included in the price. These are not something you need to buy, but they are definitely something that you need on your dive. Unless you plan to dive independently, you won’t need to purchase your own tank. Tanks do require yearly visual inspections and a hydrostatic test every five years. These are necessary for diving, but not necessary to purchase.

That is that basics of what you need and while there are a ton of accessories and other pieces of equipment, these items should be able to get you started! If you plan on diving a lot, purchasing your own equipment can help you feel more comfortable and confident in the water. Start shopping for your equipment today and find a class for you! Contact Atlantic Edge Scuba to learn more and to get started on your diving journey.

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