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Bora Bora: The Perfect Winter Getaway

Diving aestaff COMMENTS 22 Jan, 2018

With an intense winter spreading across the United States, many citizens are probably dreaming of a warm tropical vacation. There are many beautiful tropical destinations to visit, with unique sightseeing, special tourist attractions, and sandy beaches. Finding the perfect place to go on vacation may be difficult, and choosing just one can be even more of a challenge. But you can’t really go wrong.

Imagine this. You are laying on a white sandy beach, with vibrant green trees lining the tall mountains behind you and beautiful crystal clear stretched out for miles in front of you. This picturesque scenery can be found a couple of places, but one of the most breathtaking places and one of the best tropical vacation destinations is Bora Bora.

Believe it or not, Bora Bora is a part of France and halfway between Australia and the U.S. This beautiful island is a special place and known as the “Romantic Island” according to YouQueen, making it the perfect honeymoon destination. The remnants of a volcano make up the mountains that loom over the rest of the island.

Bora Bora is a beautiful place with so much to do an see, a once in a lifetime vacation. This is the perfect place to visit this winter, start planning your Bora Bora trip today. But remember, before you go, make sure you have everything planned out and prepared.

Did we mention that Bora Bora is surrounded by a coral reef and lagoon? This means that scuba diving, snorkeling, and exploring the island are sure to offer some incredible things to see. U.S. News even named Bora Bora as the second best beach destination for honeymoons, which means that the beach is phenomenal even for non-honeymooners.

While the island as a whole is amazing, let’s talk about one of our favorite topics for a second: scuba diving!

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving and snorkeling are huge attractions in Bora Bora and there are reasons why. Let’s start with the obvious; the water is crystal clear and absolutely breathtaking, this means you will have great visibility and be able to see all of the creatures that live in this tropical location. And that brings us to our next point: the water around Bora Bora is rich with life, there are hundreds of sea creatures just under the surface. And with the coral reef and the lagoon, you will find multiple great dive sites. You may even be lucky enough to see sharks, sea turtles, manta rays, and reef fish!

The lagoon is known as one of the most beautiful in the world, just adding to the list of Bora Bora attractions. According to Top Dive, there are nine dive site in Bora Bora, allowing you to see more and more of this beautiful island. Finding a dive site is not difficult, but choosing which one you want to head to can be a challenge.

If you are a diver, or want to become a certified diver, add Bora Bora to the list of places to dive, it will surely blow your mind and be a trip to remember. If you want to try scuba diving, want to get certified, or are looking to become a more advanced diver, Atlantic Edge Scuba can help. We offer all of the classes you need to become certified and learn new skills, getting you prepared for your Bora Bora vacation! This is a skill that you can use all over the world, exploring new and unique places that many other humans will never experience, Bora Bora is one of those places.

While scuba diving in Bora Bora may be one of the greatest adventures you may ever have, there are many other fun things to do on this magnificent island. Read on to learn more!

Jet Skiing

Another way to enjoy the beautiful clear water is to go jet skiing! You can join a guided tour that lasts about two hours, taking you all around the island and allowing you to see the beautiful place from the ocean. This is a fun way to spend time exploring but in a unique and exciting way.

Lagoon Tour

According to Travel Croc, you can spend the day on a tour of the lagoon that surrounds the island. But this tour is different than other tours you may have been on. Led by an experienced guide, you will be taken around the island in a wooden canoe. Learn about Bora Bora’s history and rich culture while witnessing breathtaking views. If that doesn’t sound awesome already, the tour also includes time to snorkel and swim in a coral garden, bringing you face-to-face with sharks and stingrays.

Try Some Traditional Cuisine

One of the best things to do while on a vacation in a unique and tropical destination is to try the food. These types of places, especially Bora Bora, have rich culture and a lot of that can be seen, and tasted, in the food. Try traditional Tahitian meals with fresh fish and delicious ingredients, and get a sense of the rich and beautiful culture. There are many places to find these delicious and traditional meals, so try out a few for great tastes and memorable meals.

Get A Tattoo

While this may not be the first thing you think about doing while one a beautiful and romantic tropical island, it is something that may be special in Bora Bora compared to other places. In Bora Bora, tattooing is a sacred art. According to another Travel Croc article and the YouQueen article, the art of tattooing is believed to come from the two sons of Ta’aroa, the God of creation. While they were once used to show a person’s position in society, they are viewed as a sign of beauty. So, if you have been wanting to get some ink, Bora Bora is the place to go!

The Beaches

Obviously the beaches are a major attraction in Bora Bora. While there are many cool and amazing activities and attractions that Bora Bora has to offer, a day spent on the white sand beaches and playing in the gorgeous blue water is definitely a necessity. You can’t leave this island without enjoying a relaxing and gorgeous day at the beach!

Bora Bora is a breathtaking island, with a ton to offer. From the unique bungalows to the coral reef and lagoon surrounding the island, you will definitely not regret spending the remainder of this cold winter in this tropical destination. According to another U.S. News article, the time to go to Bora Bora is in April or November, but all year long offers breathtaking views. With April right around the corner it is time to start planning your Bora Bora getaway. Start be getting scuba certified so you can explore the beautiful waters that surround the island! Contact Atlantic Edge Scuba today to get started.

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