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Why You Should Get Certified In Scuba Diving

Diving aestaff COMMENTS 19 Jun, 2017

Do you have a heart for adventure? Do you want to go places others haven't? If you are looking for something new and exciting in your life scuba diving may be the perfect thing for you. Scuba diving allows you to make discoveries, explore areas most people have never been, and gives you a look at another world.

But the best thing about scuba diving, you can do it anywhere. Earth is 70 percent ocean, meaning you can explore a great majority of the world with a scuba certification. If you have a knack for adventure and love traveling, exploring, and finding new places, scuba diving can take that one step further.

Explore the lands and the sea of new places, see the jungles and deserts and coral reefs. Have the opportunity to see land and sea creatures. Scuba diving can take your vacation one step further and can make your hometown even more interesting.

At Atlantic Edge Scuba, we can give you the best training and courses to help you learn how to scuba dive safely and effectively. During our Learn to Course, Scuba Try It, Scuba Camp, and Open Water Training Dives, the equipment needed will be provided to you, allowing you to decide if scuba is for you before purchasing the equipment of your own. After completing training dives, you will be a certified PADI diver!

After being certified you can learn more and expand your diving skills with classes like the Advanced Open Water Diver, Rescue Diver, Dry Suit Diver, Enriched Air Diver-Nitrox, and so many more!

Not only can you advance to new levels of diving after getting your certification, you can also explore areas around the world. You will learn about a different ecosystem and see things you may not have been able to see. You can experience the sea outside of an aquarium. The list goes on and on. In this blog, we will go over a few different reasons to get your PADI certification.


If you really think about it, space and the ocean are two of frontiers that we know barely anything about. There are deep crevices in the in the ocean floor that are unexplorable to man, at least for the time being. But the ocean is also a place that rarely gets explored by the average Joe. Snorkeling can only show you so much of the ocean, and if you are lucky you may see some sea turtles swim by, but scuba diving takes you to new depths.

Not only is the deep ocean unknown to most and incredibly beautiful, but it is diverse and ever-changing. Different areas of the ocean can show you different things. Discover the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, this reef is sadly dying off, so explore it while you can. According to Scuba Travel, a few of the best places to scuba dive include:

  • Barracuda Point in Malaysia

  • Blue Corner Wall in Micronesia

  • Shark and Yolanda Reef in the Egyptian Red Sea

  • Great Blue Hole in Belize

  • President Coolidge in Vanuatu

These are only a few that make the list but there are places all around the world that will show you new and incredible things. Sea creatures and coral reefs are not the only things you can find in the sea—see shipwrecks, caves, strange underwater cities, and more. The Red Sea is home to many different wreck sites, allowing you to find something new every time you dive.

If you are a traveler, wander the globe in search of bigger and better things, new and interesting place, and always looking for an adventure, scuba diving can make the adventure even more grand. Explore the land and the sea everywhere you travel. With a scuba certification, your explorations just doubled. 

Get Outdoors

There are so many different ways to get outside, from walking through the park to climbing a massive mountain, you can get great outdoor experience everyday. But if you are looking for something more exciting and unique, scuba diving is the solution.

Scuba diving can get you outside but in an entirely new way! There is something special about walking through a silent forest with no sign of human life to be seen, but imagine walking through a jungle to a secluded scuba spot and exploring underwater caves. That is something most people don’t get to do everyday.

Getting outside can really change your mood as well, getting out into nature has a way of calming the mind, relaxing you, and helping you feel peaceful. And scuba diving can do this as well. While in the water you will feel weightless, floating calmly through crystal blue water with brightly colored fish and coral surrounding you. This is a unique and amazing way to get outdoors. If you are tired of the same paths through forests, try finding something new in the water.

Adopt New Skills

Scuba diving is a skill on its own, but once you master it, your possibilities grow! Do you have a secret passion for photography? Take that passion to the next level with underwater photography. There are many different photo subjects in the deep blue sea, from sea creatures and corals to shipwrecks.

The more you scuba dive in different places the more you have to take photos of. Like we stated before, the ocean is different all throughout the world, this means your photographs can be unique, beautiful, and gorgeous.

Learn About Different Ecosystems

Lately, people have been concerned about how we treat our planet, how we are affecting the environment, and things we need to do to change. We see the damage we are doing on the environment around us, but we don’t see how we are hurting the ocean.

Marine life is beautiful and peaceful. Once you start scuba diving in other places around the globe you will grow to love the ocean and hopefully you will respect it. Sadly, we are killing the ocean as well. We are all aware of the polluted water problems we have. We have all seen the photographs of the deformed turtle shell that grew with the plastic six pack rings squeezing tight around its body. But we are doing more than just polluting the ocean with our trash. We are killing the coral reefs and ruining the beautiful ocean many have yet to see.

Scuba diving can show you the truth and hopefully change some of your harmful habits on land. Seeing this firsthand can also help spread the word and eventually change the way we live in order to save our planet, both land and sea.

Among many other reasons, getting scuba diving certification can truly add some adventure and intrigue to your life. Find new adventures, explore more places, photograph underwater, learn about marine life, and fall in love with the ocean—all these things are possible with a scuba diving certification.

Of course these are not the only reasons to get your scuba certification, but they are some of the best reasons. You could enjoy nature and the world in a whole new way all thanks to learning to scuba dive. Start your journey and explore the sea, begin your scuba diving certification today. Atlantic Edge Scuba offers the classes and equipment you need to get you started. Sign up for our beginning classes and contact us today for more information.

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